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Welcome Computer Board 2

Well, I'm going to try and pull this site out of the dust and get it up to date and running, but I'm not sure anyone looks at this anyway, so I'm not sure how extensive the updates will be.   --Sammy (Btw, Happy late New Year all!)

Oi, Raven here. So maybe Sammy should have started out by telling you that we really don't make any sence at all and I want to apologize for anything we do wrong in the future. ^^; We have always wanted to be manga-ka, Sammy and I, and hope this website helps us on our way. Thank you for visiting our site. Arigato! ^_^ \/

Well, this is Rising Sun Studios, in case you don't personally know us, we're a four person group of friends in Michigan. All of us are in school currently. We are Sammy, Raven, Ryan, and Chris. I'm Sammy, I'm currently a junior in high school. Raven and I are the american manga-ka wannabees, while Ryan and Chris help out with story. We hope you enjoy our little site! ^^;To be totally honest, none of us have ever made a website before, so pardon our dust please!^^:


I really have no clue as to why I put this here...mmmyep.